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Corporate Governance

Projektengagemang Sweden AB, referred to as PE, is a Swedish public limited company with registered offices in Stockholm, Sweden. Corporate governance is about the relationship between the shareholders and the company’s Board of Directors and CEO/President.

The Group’s corporate governance is based on Swedish legislation and the Articles of Association, as well as other relevant laws and regulations. Governance is exercised via the AGM, the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer in accordance with the Companies Act, the Articles of Association and the Swedish Corporate Governance Code.

PE’s overall goal is to generate long-term value for its shareholders and other stakeholders. Effective corporate governance is a prerequisite for this, and it is characterised by an efficient organisational structure, internal control and risk management systems and transparency.

PE applies most of the rules included in the Swedish Corporate Governance Code. Any deviations from the Code are detailed in PE’s annual report.