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Projektengagemang´s Board of Directors have appointed the board member Per Göransson as acting Chairman of the Board

Regulatory press releases

As communicated in a press release earlier today the Chairman of the Board, Per-Arne Gustavsson has by the Board of Directors been appointed acting President and CEO of Projektengagemang. As a consequence, the Board of Directors have thereafter during the day also decided to appoint the board member Per Göransson as acting Chairman of the Board pending the recruitment of a new CEO.

Per Göransson is a Board member of Projektengagemang since 2006 and has worked in Projektengagamang in different roles, among them as vice President until end of 2017. Per holds a Master of Science degree from The Royal Institute of Technology, KTH.

Projektengagemang has earlier today announced that the Chairman of the Board Per-Arne Gustavsson has been appointed acting CEO following that Per Hedebäck, previous CEO, has resigned and that the recruitment of a new CEO has been initiated immediately. As soon as the recruitment process has been completed, the Board will announce additional information. Per-Arne Gustavsson will remain as a member of the Board.

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